When will I receive my annual charging schedule?

Your annual charging schedule will normally be sent to coincide with your first bill of a new financial year. You should keep your annual charging schedule to hand throughout the year as a helpful reference when you receive your bills.

What should I do if I receive the wrong invoice or my bill details are wrong?

Please get in touch and contact our customer services team:

Telephone: 0800 085 3015

Email: customer.service@property.nhs.uk

I’ve got a question about my bill. Who can I speak to?

Please get in touch and contact our customer services team:

Telephone: 0800 085 3015

Email: customer.service@property.nhs.uk

To help our team direct your question, please let us know if it relates to rent, FM or service charge costs, or a combination of these.

Where can I get help and advice with my bill?

You can access helpful tools and resources on our dedicated billing website billing.property.nhs.uk, including regularly updated Frequently Asked Questions covering: your bill, timings and how to pay; rental charges; FM charges; business rates and reimbursements.

You can also view a sample charging policy and a message from our Chief Financial Officer outlining how we’ve used your feedback to make changes to the billing process.

However, if you still have a query about your invoice, you can contact our dedicated customer support centre for help by calling 0800 085 3015, or emailing customer.service@property.nhs.uk

How can I report a maintenance/FM issue?

NHS Property Services provides a dedicated FM Helpdesk service which acts as the central point for our customers to make maintenance requests, report faults and log any service related queries.

Hub 1 – London, South East, South West – 020 3688 2244
Hub 2 – North West – 0844 225 2774
Hub 3 – North East, North Central – 0191 3371593
Hub 4 – West Midlands, East – 01902 575050

You can also make maintenance requests or report faults online, via www.property.nhs.uk/fmhelpdesk

How can I make a media or filming enquiry?

If you are a journalist and need to contact the communications team you can by using one of the following:

• Email the communications team at media.enquiry@property.nhs.uk
• Telephone 07990 848 906 (8am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday)

For urgent, out of hours media enquiries, please email the on-call communications manager at media.enquiry@property.nhs.uk. This email address is regularly monitored.

Is this a voluntary process for occupiers of your buildings?

No, it is essential that all of our occupiers and customers have consistent documentation in place. We understand that this formal approach is very different from what many of our occupiers have known in the past. It’s important they understand that in the first instance we are only documenting the space they currently occupy and the services they currently receive, and that any changes will only be made with their involvement and agreement.

Will it make a difference to me if my occupation is documented?

With leases in place, both you as a tenant and NHSPS have a clear understanding of what space you occupy and which FM services are provided. By linking this information to our finance systems, we can give a fuller breakdown of costs in our invoices, so you know exactly what you are paying for. It also provides a platform for planning future needs, so that we can help you manage space better, deliver services in a different way or identify extra services that might be needed.

Why are you putting documentation in place?

It is not standard practice within the property industry for occupations to remain on a casual basis. Professional management of a national property estate relies on clear rights and responsibilities.

What do you mean when you say you are documenting occupations?

Many of the properties we inherited from primary care trusts and strategic health authorities had been occupied on a casual basis and it is quite certain that the NHS had been paying for unused space and services. We will now ensure there are documented lease agreements for the space occupied and facilities management services provided for each occupier.

Who can I speak to about my property lease and the space I occupy?

We’re working to document all property occupancies with a lease to provide customers with clarity on their occupation and costs.

What happens to the capital receipts from the sale of a surplus NHS property?

Any money we make from a sale goes to the NHS. Proceeds from the sale of these properties are pooled at a national level and the investment directed to where it is most needed by patients.

Can other public bodies acquire surplus properties for free or at a knock-down rate?

We always look to achieve best value for a site for the benefit of the NHS. In the first instance, properties are listed on the Government’s Register of Surplus Public Sector Land to give public bodies the opportunity to acquire them at the market value before they are offered on the open market.

Who decides whether a property should be sold?

The decision as to whether one of our properties is surplus to NHS operational requirements resides with the commissioners, i.e. NHS England or a clinical commissioning group (CCG). A property will only be released for disposal by NHS Property Services once commissioners have confirmed that it is no longer required for the delivery of NHS services.

What is NHS Property Services role in disposing of property?

Our key role is the efficient management and disposal of properties which are no longer required by the NHS for the delivery of services and ensuring that best value is achieved.

By selling land that the NHS no longer needs, we’re enabling the reinvestment of the capital receipts, but also reducing operational costs for NHSPS and our customers. That money can then also be reinvested back into patient care.

Can I have a list of all properties on your disposals programme?

Details on all our property disposals can be found on our website – http://www.property.nhs.uk/what-we-do/disposals/

How can I find out how much it costs to book a room?

Pricing is appropriate for the facilities available, location and demand, but costs differ dependant on the type of space you book. Visit our room bookings website to register and find out more – https://nhs.communitybookings.co.uk

Do I have to pay for sessional space?

Sessional space is a pay-as-you-go resource which is paid for by the user (or in some instances through their commissioner). As there are no leases in place for the rooms, NHSPS will continue to charge for use of the space as is the case now.

Pricing is appropriate for the type of space, facilities available, location and demand.

How do I book a room?

To book one of our sessional space rooms, please visit our room bookings website to register and book space – https://nhs.communitybookings.co.uk

What is sessional space?

Sessional space is multi-use, clinical and non-clinical accommodation, available for hire on an hourly or daily basis. This means you only pay for the space and time you need, giving you greater flexibility and choice.